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Floating Lanterns Make a Great Celebration

floating lanternsFloating lanterns, also called flying lanterns or Chinese lanterns, are traditionally used in China and other parts of Asia to celebrate holidays and other important events. Floating lanterns are not only important as a part of a celebration, but also have a great symbolic meaning, and are an important part of many cultures, which have festivals devoted to them.

They have been in existence for hundreds of years, and many people are not aware that these types of lanterns were actually used as military signaling devices before becoming part of celebrations. Simply put, floating lanterns were seen as being too beautiful to be only an instrument of war.

festival floating lanternsIf you have not heard of floating lanterns, they are Chinese lanterns or flying lanterns and are commonly used at events and parties. These floating or flying lanterns are very popular at weddings and New Year’s parties, and also at other parties and events, where guests release them. They commonly replace balloons and fireworks, not only because they are safer and easier to use, but because they are more beautiful.  They are also becoming increasingly common in the United States.

As mentioned, these lanterns have a symbolic meaning. The floating lanterns represent a persons’ fears and troubles, their concerns and worries being taken away by the wind. Because of this, they are symbolic of good wishes and are considered good luck. This is one good reason they are popular at weddings, where guests wish good luck to the newlyweds. Floating lanterns are also popular at New Year’s parties around the world.

While many people do not choose these lanterns for symbolic reasons, but rather because they are beautiful and safe to use, some people do enjoy their symbolism. Because they are symbolic of releasing worries, it is nice to let guests “release their cares” with floating lanterns at your event. It can be a fun tradition to start with your family and friends.

It is less known that these lanterns, in the Buddhist tradition, are seen as a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. This is an interesting aside and may be of interest to those planning an event with floating or flying lanterns, particularly a party or event where people are wishing each other well. It is also something to keep in mind when decorating floating lanterns.

flying floating lantersIf you are hosting a graduation party, floating lanterns will be a great way to make the party even more special. In the Buddhist tradition, these lanterns represent knowledge and wisdom. What a great way to celebrate the new graduate at the graduation party. Let guests release them into the air to celebrate this joyous occasion.

These lanterns are a perfect decoration at any festival or special event. They are an easy and safe alternative to fireworks or balloons. Whereas fireworks are dangerous, floating lanterns are not, and are even more beautiful to see when launched into the air or floating on the water. There is nothing more beautiful than a host of flying lanterns launching into the air, and there is no danger of someone being injured the way there is with fireworks.

More Beauty Of Floating Lanterns

floating lanternsFloating lanterns are more beautiful, and much more environmentally friendly. Modern floating or flying lanterns do not have the wire which used to be part of floating lanterns in times past, so they cannot harm animals when they land. Balloons are very dangerous to birds and animals, and are not good for the environment. This makes floating lanterns a much more eco-friendly choice, as well as prettier option than balloons.

As more and more people start to be concerned for the environment and want to have environmentally friendly events, these types of lanterns will become more and more popular. Because modern floating lanterns do not have the wire, they are definitely safer for the environment and animals who may encounter the remains of the lantern. Floating lanterns are so much safer than balloons, which can choke animals, and fireworks, which can leave hazardous residue.

Also, your guests can take part in the floating lantern festivities by decorating their own lanterns before releasing them. You can create a very individual look for your event by choosing plain white or colored lanterns, and your guests can each decorate their own lantern before the launch. This is a great way to get guests involved in your event and create an even more special lantern launch. Guests will love this and you will remember your floating lanterns even more fondly by allowing guests to decorate their own. They make for beautiful pictures when they all lift off into the air at the same time. So make sure you have your camera ready.

decorating floating lanternsYour guests will enjoy taking part in decorating their own lanterns, and will always remember your floating lantern event. Anyone can shoot off fireworks or release balloons, but short of releasing white doves, floating lanterns are one of the most creative things you can do at your event. Your guests are going to love it.

Floating or flying lanterns is an ancient tradition, beginning as a military signaling device, and now a popular party decoration and tradition. They are safer than fireworks and balloons, and more beautiful than either. Floating lanterns are symbolic and carry a long tradition of releasing cares and worries to the wind. You can allow your guests to decorate their own lanterns and make your event more interactive.

chinese floating lanternsFor all these reasons and more, lanterns are becoming one of the most popular ways to celebrate an event. In some cultures in Asia, there are even entire festivals of floating lanterns. These flying lanterns are safe, environmentally friendly, symbolic, and a great way to decorate and celebrate your event. If you’re considering flying lanterns, you absolutely can’t go wrong. These Chinese lanterns are one of the best ways to complete your event. With the symbolism, the beauty and the ease of use and safety, they are the ideal decoration for your event.  You can typically find these lanterns online or possibly at your local craft or party store.

Floating Pool Candles

Floating Flames

best floating pool candlesCandles will always be a material used to set the mood in any given occasion. The original use for which it was discovered has evolved to a number of variations that make people in present time still unable to live without it in spite of all the advancement in the lighting system.

Therapeutic, relaxing, romantic – these are just a few of the descriptions uttered when candles are used. It is an essential part of many wellness rituals, an important ingredient in a dinner date, and a must-have while relaxing at home. It has certainly become an all-around item.

Take floating pool candles, a practice that’s gone in and out of fad countless times, for example. Having them in an outdoor party gives it light and life. Having them there give those present a sense that they’re in a separate world cocooned by a soft glow, content, relaxed, safe.

However, organizers of such gatherings should not allow themselves to be lulled by the captivating effect created by floating pool candles, as well as the atmosphere that they provide. Proper technique has to be applied on the floating pool candles, as well as on all of the components that go with it to ensure that the desired result is achieved.

floating pool candlesFor example, floating pool candles, in order to stay afloat, have to be amply aerated, as well as properly crafted. Or the floaters on which they are perched have to be sturdy enough to hold them until they burn themselves out. Also, the length of the wick has to be the appropriate length so that the flame will remain at the right height.

Much as people simply want to enjoy floating pool candles, caution must never be abandoned. Fire, by itself, is both delicate and powerful. Improper handling can produce either quality’s disastrous outcome. Handled properly though, floating pool candles, with its flames dancing delightfully, can provide a pleasurable experience.

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